Bohemian Kitchen Trends

There is something about freestyle décor that seems to bring out the hippie that lives in all of us. However, when it comes to Bohemian décor the last place many of us would think of to decorate is the kitchen, but we are here to change your mind one charming kitchen at a time.

Whether you realize it or not adding two bold yet contrasting colors to your kitchen will enhance the space and give it that twist of boho we all know and love.

Why go completely out of your way to change up your décor when you can choose complementary colors that work well together or apart. The idea is to have two colors that work together in harmony. Choose contrasting colors so the colors can blend well.

Wood tends to make a room feel warm and put together, regardless of how modern or minimal the room might be.
Anyone who is a lover of Bohemian décor will tell you how important wood is, there is just something about wood that makes the room feel warm and cozy. Add a wooden feel to the room and do not forget to add good lighting in order to make them feel grand and not overbearing.

Multiple Textures
Bringing different textures allows you to add a unique twist to the room with an overall hippie vibe to it.
Boho chic is all about textures, and we absolutely love it! Blend multiple textures together to bring beauty and brighten the room at once. There is also the eclectic aspect of it, there’s just something new and effortless about adding those unique textures throughout the room.

Pops of Blue
Bring in pops of blue with darker rich hues to bring it back to life. Or create a unique contrast in the space.
Blue is just one of those colors that work well in any type of room with multiple different types of décor. Consider adding the pops of blue in all areas for that rustic appeal that is still colorful and bold in a minimalist manner. Keep it

When keeping it simple, you want to ensure you have at least one bold element in order to create a contrasting effect that has a beautiful appeal

If you are an active reader, then you know we love a minimally decorated space, and we love a bohemian kitchen with minimal, yet clean décor even more. Keep the room feeling warm and cozy with a touch of minimal for that new yet eclectic vibe.