Gorgeous Kitchen Trends

Many would say white kitchens are the beginning of home décor, and for good reason it is. However, for those that are seeking something different, and fresh we bring you the latest kitchen trends.

This year and season, it’s all about throwing out what you thought you knew about home décor and bringing a fresh take on what you already have while still showcasing what’s on trend. The following trends will make your kitchen all the rage while being your favorite area of the home.

Soapstone Sink
The beauty of soapstone sinks is that they come in multiple different hues. Allowing you to blend and use as many pops of color as possible.

Though sometimes all a kitchen needs is the upgrade of something. Knowing what to upgrade exactly can be a hassle. That is where a soapstone sink comes into play.

Soapstone sinks are great due to how eye-catching they are. Not only do they make the room feel cozier, but they elevate the area naturally. Combine with brass faucet elements to bring the look together seamlessly.

Bring on the Texture
When you want to bring texture to a kitchen, consider using tiles as part of your decor. Tiles paired with colors and patterns will texture for an enhancing appeal.

Texture is a huge part of this year’s trends. For those that are a bit afraid of color, focus on combining textures and bringing them to life. You want to use colors that work well together yet when left unattended they still look good. Furthermore, you want to combine multiple textures to bring your colors forward and make them stand out.

You don’t have to change your all-white kitchen and start all over again, in fact, having a white kitchen is perfect when you want to add just a kiss of color. Whether you bring one or two colorful pieces to the room, you want to have them become the highlights of the room. By having them become the highlight you will be allowing the bits of white to take a step back while the color enriches the room’s personality.

Open space
Blend your kitchen and your dining room for a coherent outlook that makes perfect sense to the room’s overall aesthetic.
Maximize the room and the space you have by having an open floor plan as part of your kitchen and dining room.

Combining both allow’s you to make the most out of both spaces while still having a broad appeal. The key is having all walls in the same color palette. Having the same color wave ensures both rooms are cohesive and shared décor is felt throughout the room.

Two-tone Cabinets
For the perfect two-tone add a rich dark shade and pair it with white or gray for a daring approach.
Feel free to switch it up and get adventurous with your décor. Why stick with one tone of cabinetry when you can use two? Two-tone cabinets are very much on trend while still being coy and easy on the eye. Furthermore, having two-tones as part of your cabinetry allows you to work with an array of color without taking away from your décor.

Open Shelves
Blend closed cabinets with open shelving for a modern twist
Closed shelves are things of the past. We are now looking at an open cabinetry display. Open shelves are on trend and we are obsessed. Not only do they allow you to showcase what you have, but it brings the room an airy aesthetic that feels fresh time and time again. Consider having a mixture of different shelves for the perfect blend that helps make the room feel new and updated without the hassle of using too much or too little décor.

Darker Floors
If your room is pretty light, darker floors could bring the perfect contrast. Creating a contrast allows you to bring a multidimensional aesthetic to the room. There’s an element of beauty and modern that is felt when you have darker floors. If you already have dark floors in your kitchen space, consider darkening them with wood stain.