Small Living Room Furniture Ideas

While this might sound like a complicated paradox, it’s possible. The key is knowing where to place your furniture and how far to place it from one another in order to provide enough breathing space that the room feels grand and most importantly put together. The following small living room furniture arrangement ideas will inspire you to try something new.

Highlight the Rooms Best Features
Keep your fireplace space as open and airy as possible. You want your decor to focus directly to your fireplace for as much focus as possible.

First things first, you want to truly take in the size and the appeal of the room and go from there. Doing so allows you to emphasize the beauty of the room while creating a focal point all at once. If you have a fireplace, you want to focus on that or any bold pieces that enhance your overall aesthetics.

Every Piece of Furniture Matters
The smaller your pieces of furniture the more scattered you want to place them. Doing so brings that expanding feel that does not take away from the room’s overall square space.

When it comes to smaller living rooms, many might think having less furniture is the way to go. However, that is not always the case. You want to have enough furniture that the room feels filled yet breathable. In order to do just that you want every piece of furniture, you have to matter, to make a statement and to feel cozy in the space. Therefore, you want to have smaller seating, but that makes a big statement.

Color works well when you want a room to feel put together and cohesive. Use the same hue throughout for a cohesive appeal.
It’s very important to work with color regardless of how big or small a room might be. By using color, you have the ability to move focal appeal right where you need it.

The key is using a contrast of hues that work well together yet function just as well appear. Consider your color palette as one of the best forms of having a brightening effect in the room. Display your darker hues on the inside of the room and the lighter hues on the outside for a beautiful contrast.

If you don’t want to add too much art pieces, consider adding two or three and scatter them around for the best outcome.
One furniture item that is extremely underrated, but always makes sense in a room is art. Art pieces are great due to how much texture and color they bring while still feeling grand in the room. Consider adding a few art pieces to bring a grand appeal to the room right where you need it. Furthermore, there is also the focal aspect of having bold art pieces.

Never be afraid of having a large rug in the room as the main focus. A large rug will further enhance the room while giving your floors the direct focal point it needs. You want your rug to have some sort of pattern in order to brighten the space while providing texture. Furthermore, we recommend having one or two rugs for a layered twist.

Move Your Plants
When in doubt, use multiple plants. Having multiple plants allows the airiness to be felt throughout the entire room.
Many of us already have plants in the living room, as they provide a sense of airiness. Nevertheless, they bring color as well, to make them work for a smaller room you want to move them around. The key is displaying them near a window or an awkward corner to round the room’s aesthetic making it feel bigger.

Whether the room is big or small you want your light fixtures to be centered. Having a centered, light fixture allows you to make the room feel as put together as possible while still making the grand statement it’s intended to do. Consider going bold with your centered, light fixture for the perfect pairing in the room.